Opening Ceremony
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- GuoLi Industrial Technology Research Institute of Vacuum High-power Devices
        On November 18, 2016, under the collaboration between GuoLi, the Institute of High Energy Physics of the CAS and Kunshan government, GuoLi Industrial Technology Research Institute of Vacuum High-power Devices had a grand opening in Xihu Road's factory. Academician of the CAS Mr. Wang Yifang, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Kunshan Mr. Du Xiaogang, City Leaders Mr. Chen Chenyang and Mr. Jin Jianhong attended the ceremony.
        For a long time, the products and equipment of microwave power klystron used on electronic collision machine and other national large scientific facilities all have dependence on import. After this institute founded, the first choice and main research object is high-power and high-efficiency klystron, aiming at reducing the construction cost of scientific research equipment, such as large circular electronic collision machine, devoting to improve the R&D and manufacturing level of our large base pieces in scientific facilities, which is significant for achieving national big science goal.
        The board chairman of GuoLi Mr. Yin Jianping stated, the foundation of this Institute will not only be applied to replace imported product in electrical vacuum field, but also will surpass the applied technology in international electrical vacuum field in the future. 
        Being led by the CAS, GuoLi will make the most of our electrical vacuum industrial platform, provide motivation for the development, trial production and validation of key vacuum electronic devices in national big science projects. GuoLi will have good extension and application of electrical vacuum related industries synchronously, make the biggest contribution to catch up with and surpass the technology level of international electrical vacuum industry.

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